Teething Solutions!

So we are here at almost 4 months and are experiencing the adventure of teething! If you’re following our instastories you got a little insight on this today. Since we are already seeing the symptoms of teething, we are preparing as much as we can for it. I ordered these two items already, and I am hopeful that they will provide some comfort to our little guy. I’ll keep you all updated as to the results. :)

If you have a little one teething, try these items along with me and let’s share the results!

Definitely givin' this a try, i've heard great things and am very hopeful this will ease some pains.

Excited that these are a more natural alternative to what else is out there. I plan on using this during fussy times.

Collaboration- Jack & Jules Design!

I’m so excited to announce our collaboration with Jack & Jules Design! They sent us over a swaddle and I can’t wait to show you more! More photos to come! But I wanted to you all to take advantage of their sale they have running for the rest of TODAY! Amazon Prime members not only get to take advantage of that sale price, but they also get FREE prime shipping!

Click the link below:

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New Mom! What was in my hospital bag!

Hey everyone!

So many of you requested that I make a few videos on a few different topics… but we have been hiding in our home soaking in the first few weeks of becoming parents and loving on our newborn! So thank you so much for your patience! There was WAY TOO much I wanted to suggest, and had to squeeze into this video… so I apologize in advance for speaking so quickly and having to chop this video up so much haha!

Anyways, I went ahead and linked most of the items in the description of the video that I ended up ordering even if I didn’t get to include them in the video! :)


Happy Easter!

So i’m officially that mother who will dress up their little one in ridiculous outfits for their first holidays! Haha. What can I say… we are all pretty excited to have baby Divine Light here to celebrate with us! We snapped a few shots of the little bunny that we hope you enjoy, and who knows, maybe give ya’ll some inspiration as well! I also purchased this Easter book in hopes of creating the tradition of reading it to him every Easter. I have linked everything you see here below! The Moses basket, swaddle blanket, bunny outfit, and book are all from Amazon! The perfect addition for every Easter basket. There is still time to order to get in time for Easter! Enjoy! Happy Easter everyone, and remember… some BUNNY loves you! :)

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David and Kierra Fletcher's Wedding

We had the pleasure of capturing photography and videography for the Fletcher wedding at our beautiful home venue of Eagle Glen Golf course! These two had the sweetest wedding, and the most awesome first dance! But what else would we expect? These two are both so incredibly talented! Kierra is a professional dancer, and David plays professional baseball for our favorite team, the Anaheim Angels! It only makes sense that they make the perfect couple.

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Kelly's Maternity Session!

My sweet Kelly! She looked absolutely flawless in her sew trendy accessories gown. Super excited for this babygirl to make her debut. We are so in love with how her session came out. Soft, pretty, and feminine. 

Gown: Sew Trendy Accessories 

A whimsical maternity memory...

SOOO beyond in love with Yvette & Randy's Maternity session in one of Divine Light's super secret spots! Yvette and Randy are just the sweetest ever, and we ended up having a blast at their baby shower as well (thanks for the invite guys, best baby shower evaaaa!)!  

Yesi's Family Baptism Session!

Yesenia had her first session with us about 3 or 4 years back, and its incredible how quickly her family has grown up! She wanted to get some photos of her babygirl for her Baptism this weekend, and also incorporate some much needed family portraits as well. Babygirl was soo shy to begin, but we still did what we do, and managed to grab some amazing smiles from her! From these shots, you never would have guessed this was the case, right?! Ultimately she gave us hugs and kisses and said goodbye with a smile. It's sessions like this that truly leave us with an amazing sense of accomplishment! We'd definitely like to give the glory to God on this one... not going to lie, I thought this would be the first "L" we would take. But as always, God came through. Thanks to the man up above for delivering us some magical smiles! Lol! :) 

Divine Light Mini-Session Sneakpeeks!

Happy Monday everyone!

We had a very eventful weekend, filled with sessions! Today, I'm filled with so much joy and happiness and I think it's truly because all of you bring that to me! We are so fortunate to do what we love, with people that make it even better. So our first client, is a famous Divine Light duo... who you all love (rightfully so, they are gorgeous!)! Valerie and Miah have been a part of the Divine Light fam for years and we always look forward to seeing them! We have developed an amazing relationship so that  


It's never too late to live happily ever after!

Wow, where do we start with Jennifer and Tim?! Their story is incredible! From the fact that Tim knew within weeks of meeting Jennifer that he would marry her, to the fact that Jennifer goes from looking fabulous to shooting guns in cammo with her new groom. They were referred to us by a previous Divine Light bride and groom that we also absolutely LOVED! Jennifer and Tim make a pretty remarkable couple, and are so incredibly encouraging. When we first met, it was an instant connection for us that we sat and chatted for hours! Their strength and faith in God as a couple is truly inspiring. We were so honored to be a part of your special day! They held both their ceremony and reception in the cutest little backyard oasis in Rancho Cucamonga, California. This day happened to be the hottest day of the summer, and in fact was record breaking! Rightfully so, Jennifer and Tim are on FIRE! J & T 4-ever!