Carmen, Melody, & Mondo

Where do I start with these humans! Well, how about I start with saying that they are the absolute best EVER. Carmen booked us two years when her babygirl, really was a tiny little thing. We had an amazing session, so much so that Mondo made one of those photo's his profile picture... and never changed it. Fast forward to two years later, and the first thing I told Mondo at their session was... "Okay buddy, time to update that profile picture". HA! We both laughed in agreement. Not only were they so generous with their gratuity, but when they arrived for their reveal session... They showed up with COFFEE! And gifts! Talk about clients from heaven... they spoiled us as much as we spoiled them! I'll be showing you the cutest gifts when I get a chance to take a picture of them. Carmen is like me in many ways, one of which is her attention to detail. She went above and beyond to ensure their outfits were on point, and she had the perfect props to create her vision. Another case of where great clients, quickly turn into friends. Love you guys! Hope you enjoy taking a sneakpeek look at this session, where we even had some beautiful princesses join us for the session!