Fresh 48 photography is a special session for those new families who want the first few hours of their newborn’s life captured without having the birth/labor documented. Held within the first 24-48 hours of your baby’s life, these lifestyle sessions are perfect for remembering that first day forever.  I will come to your place of birth within 48 hours.  A fresh 48 session is designed to capture your baby’s first hours of life, meeting siblings, and introduction bonding of those who love her/him the most. Special moments that may get lost in the fog of your baby moon, that you and other family members will be begging to see for lifetimes. 

Frequently asked questions:

When and Where Will it Take Place?
The session will take place at the place of delivery (hospital, home, or birthing center) They are scheduled within the first 48 hours after delivery during daylight hours. Like the rest of our photography, this will include natural light, unposed, light directional documentary shots. 

What do you think makes Fresh 48 so special?
Fresh 48 is special because there are very few times in life more organic, important and emotional in life than having a baby.  For a lot of parents the first couple of hours and days after delivery can be a blur because of all the changes, actual labor and post delivery. It's important to document the once in a lifetime moments, because it's truly a time that you will not ever be able to get back. Meeting your child for the first time, and the newness of life. 

Do I need permission from the hospital?
Please ask and ensure photographers are allowed. In almost all cases they are treated as just a visitor so it’s generally okay.

When should I contact you to come?
Please keep me updated with any developments and updates that affect your due date. I require you (or someone else) contact me after you go into labor so we can ensure availability for the suggested time frame.

Anything special (regarding the photos) I would need to bring with me to the hospital?
Babies look great in just a diaper or a white onesie. I recommend packing a neutral colored shirt for dad. Some shots may have your hands in them, so if possible, well manicured nails would be a great idea! 

What if I deliver early?

I am on-call based off of your suggested due date. If you deliver outside of that time-frame I will make every effort to still be available to you, and if I or one of my staff is not available for you, you are eligible for a refund. As we all know, births can happen anytime anywhere... and it's important to understand that flexibility in these situations is essential. 

$299 + tax

1 hour session

Your choice of 50 edited images delivered via online gallery

Print release

On call for week of delivery date