Portrait Session Locations!

We allow for a portrait location of your choosing! Sometimes it's one of the hardest decisions to make, so  we have condensed a list of our most popular portrait session locations for your selection pleasure! We are also more than willing and open for any locations you may come across, or already have considered!  

Some items to keep in mind when selecting a location:

Divine Light Studios abides by all Local laws and regulations, which often constrain photography permissions. Regrettably, most locations in Southern California are considered private property and therefore require some type of reservation, permit or special property permission. Any additional cost allocated to shooting in a particular location (including travel fee's) is the sole responsibility of the client, but we are more than willing to get it all set up on your behalf.

Given that most locations one would want to shoot at are open to the public, there isn't a way from keeping others from getting in the way or distracting. For this reason, early morning sessions are fantastic especially when electing to shoot at beach locations, urban downtown areas, or other locations that hold large crowds.

If your session includes multiple locations, keep in mind distance, traffic, and the "contentness" of everyone in your session party. Portrait session time is continuous, so the time needed to move between locations will affect the amount of actual shooting time. Often times we are racing the sun, before lighting gets too harsh in the am or too dark in the pm.      

In addition to the locations you see below, feel free to take a look at the rest of our website and or social media platforms for inspiration, or any potential location preferences!