We are so honored to be capturing your special day! Please feel free to utilize these helpful photography tips as you make your final preparations. Communication and organization are key in order to ensure you capture all the moments that are special to you, so please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything else we can do for you!


Here are a few time line tips to get the most out of your day with us!

  •   If you are getting ready in a hotel suite, have house-keeping make the bed and clean up the room so it is presentable for photos.

  •  Have the wedding dress, shoes, accessories, invitation and all details ready in one place for the photographer upon arrival. If possible, please allow at least an hour to shoot details/venue. 

  •  Have your hair stylist and make-up artist come to you on the wedding day rather than going to a salon. You’ll be more comfortable in the bridal suite and it will free up some time.

  •   Make sure mom and bridesmaids are dressed and ready at least 20 minutes prior to brides "dressing time" so that they can appear in select shots if need be! 

  •  Arrange to have sandwiches or some sort of lunch delivered to the hotel rooms and do your best to take time to eat. Dinner is usually several hours away and you don’t want anyone to feel lightheaded. It's also a great idea to have a cooler prepared with bottled water for your bridal party and vendors.

  • Have your florist deliver the bouquets and corsages to the hotel before photos. You’ll want them available for your bridal party portraits/first look.

  • Avoid having an entourage of people in the bridal suite with you (especially if a smaller bridal suite). Usually just bridesmaids are more than enough. The more people surrounding you, the more questions you’ll be asked, and potential stress you’ll have.

  • Limit the amount of alcohol you and your bridal party consume until the reception. It’s wise to cut out hard liquor completely until the reception. The more sober your bridal party is the better they’ll listen to directions, and be where they need to be on time.

  • Factor in travel time from photo locations to the ceremony and reception, etc. Give yourself a buffer in the case of traffic. You may want to do a little research to see if there are any festivals or events happening near any of your planned locations so you can be prepared for the congestion.

  • Family formals can be stressful because there are a lot of people involved and it requires the Bride and Groom to stand for long periods of time in the same place smiling. To make this time go by quickly and smoothly, compose a family formal shot list in advance and limit the amount of combinations to just the essentials. Allow 3-4 minutes per group.

  • All posed family formal and group guest shots should be complete before sunset. It’s nearly impossible to get all the faces in large group photos in focus at night. In addition to this, venues typically dim the lights which makes it especially difficult without setting up portrait lights.

  • Please designate a person (wedding coordinator/ Maid of Honor... anyone who is familiar with names and/or family dynamics) to be in charge and responsible of “checking off” any must have photos and combinations.

  •  Consider feeding your vendors first so they can finish their meals and return to providing their services as quickly as possible. We typically eat when the bride and groom eat so we can ensure that we are available again as soon as you are! 

  • If you are not having a first look, we advise against having a receiving line after your ceremony. You’ll need this time for family photos and Bride & Groom portraits. Golden hour is the only time to get that perfect lighting for your formal portraits, so if possible try to save the visiting for the reception- where there is plenty of time for that! Your wedding coordinator, Maid of Honor, or even photographer may assist you in communicating this to guests who are not going to be in your formal portraits. 

  • We strongly reccommend an "unplugged ceremony". Encourage guests to be in the moment by experiencing this intimate time by being present NOT behind their cellphone or cameras. Not only does this add to all eyes where they should be, but allows your ceremony photos to be that much more sacred when you capture faces, not cellphone covers.  

  • As previously stated, the lighting conditions at sunset are the best for portraits. We like to take advantage of this time for Bride & Groom photos so please keep this in mind when creating your timeline, and allow at least an hour for your formal portraits.  

  • If possible, please provide us with a copy of your timeline at least two weeks prior to your wedding day so that we may plan for your events accordingly.

  • Consider capturing your rehearsal/ rehearsal dinner. Not only are they amazing memories to have, but it's a terrific way for your bridal party and family to get comfortable with the photographers. 

    Please feel free to communicate anything else that, we as your photographers, can do to ensure a successful and memorable day for you! We cannot wait to capture your special day! 
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